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When visiting Web sites, I sometimes see pictures or animations I like.

To save them and use them in e-mails, you can right click on them and chose save-as.

I save them to My Documents in a Folder I made (Web Pictures). Then when I want to add one to an e-mail, I just go to Insert,  Picture, Browse, Web Pictures and click on the one I want. It's really easy once you do it.

Not all Web Pictures can be saved, but most can.

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Computer Tip

You can add a signature or anything you like to all

your e-mails. Just click on

tools, options, signatures

and new.

You can type or paste in the

box what you like. I like to

add "quotes" to mine. After

entering your text, click set

as default, apply and ok.

All your future e-mails

will have that signature then.


How to check which Operating System version you have

To determine which version of Microsoft Windows you are running:

1. On the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, click Start, and then click Run

2. In the Run dialog box, type winver

3. Click OK. A dialog box displays the version that you are running.

Computer Tip

If you go to

search engine and type in a phone number

555-555-5555 (example)

most of the time it will give you the name and address of the person. There will also be a map to click to get directions. This doesn't work with un-listed numbers. So, if you end up with a piece of paper with no name but a phone number, try this out!

If You click on the PHONE next to your name/address will take you to where you can fill out a form to have your number removed from the data base

You can also type in a name in "  " and get information too!

=================== offers free software that detects and removes spyware from your hard drive.


Creating an auto response in Outlook Express

Q. I'm a realtor. People who use the Internet to search for property want a response within minutes. When I am out of the office and someone e-mails me, how can I let them know that I'm unavailable, but will get back to them soon? Is there some kind of auto response feature in Outlook Express?

A. E-mail is great because it provides almost instantaneous communication. People become frustrated when they can't get an immediate answer. As it happens, Outlook Express provides for auto response.

First, use Notepad to compose your message. In Windows XP, the location for Notepad is Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>Notepad. Save the file in a location where you can find it.

Now, open Outlook Express. Click Tools>>Message Rules>>Mail. On the Mail Rules tab, click New.

In the top section, select the conditions incoming messages must meet to receive the auto response. You probably want to select "For all messages." In the second section, select "Reply with message."

In the third section, click on "message." In the dialog box that opens, navigate to the file containing the message. Make sure that Text is selected in the "Files of type" box. Otherwise, you won't see your file. Highlight the file and click Open.

In the bottom section, type a name for the rule. It should be self-explanatory. Click OK and OK. Leave Outlook Express running, and the message will be sent automatically as new e-mail is received.

When you're in the office, turn the rule off. Remembering to do this may be the most difficult part!

To turn it off, click Tools>>Message Rules>>Mail. Find the rule on the Mail Rules tab. Deselect the box next to its name. Then click OK. To enable it again, follow the same steps, selecting it instead of deselecting it.

For businesspeople, auto responses are a necessary courtesy. But you should never use them in your home e-mail. You don't want people to know when your house is unattended.

Hide URLs from Internet Explorer's address bar

Q. I've been surfing the web looking for jewelry for my wife for Christmas. Some of the store pages appear from the address block when I type www. The addresses have names with the words "diamond" and "pendant," or they end with .jpg. I've tried to clear the History and delete Internet files and cookies. But these addresses remain whenever www is typed into the address block of my browser. It's only a matter of time before the wife catches on. Please tell me how to get rid of these Web addresses.

A. I doubt that you'll be in trouble if your wife finds out that she's getting jewelry. Still, the element of surprise is important for these types of gifts. So I don't blame you for being worried about the Internet browser history.

Internet Explorer does its best to make things easy on you. The AutoComplete feature is one example. But sometimes too much convenience can be an inconvenience. There are a few ways to remove those telltale URLs from the address bar.

Usually, clearing the History folder empties records in the address bar. It looks like you've already tried this. Since addresses still appear as you type, disable AutoComplete.

In Internet Explorer, click Tools>>Options. Select the Content tab. Under "Personal information," click the AutoComplete button. Clear the checkbox labeled "Web addresses." Click OK. Then click OK on the next window as well.

Internet Explorer will quit filling in revealing addresses as you type. In fact, it won't help you fill in any addresses. Your secret shopping will remain a secret this way.


Internet searching provides a powerful way to find all kinds of information, but sometimes the big search engines produce too many choices, and some Web sites have poor search functions.

Here's a tip that will help you avoid too many search hits and to find information inside a site that lacks a good search function: You can direct Google, one of the best search engines, to search just one particular Web site.

This Google option really works well - - simply go to Google's Web site (, type your keywords into the search box, leave one space blank and then type "site:" and the URL of the Web site you want to serarch. Do not leave a space between "site:" and the URL. For instance, to find all references for "jeep" at, just type:


Google will list all references to "jeep" on this site, but no hits from any other site.

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